About Me

ang mo kio, asia, Singapore
Hello!My name is Tan Yong Hao i am in primary5.I am from jing shan primary school class 5/2.My hobby is to play computer games.I do not like to go to school.My best Friend is:"Ang Jing Hian,Desmund Tan Yong Wei,Benjamin choy and Ciat Siang."But i do not have a true friend.But the worst of all a person called Benjamin Tan treat me as a diary,but at least i know some his of secrets.

ghost story

I'm writing to tell that. I told spririts to go away. I never experince nothing else . It stopped for few months. Then started back up again. It got quiet till HERE LATELY AGAIN. Right after we had bad lightening storm 2 weeks ago. Since then. Things been happening i can't explain. The first very thing happen was . I was sitting in the living room watching tv around 1am i couldn't sleep. When my living room door started creeping open slowly like someone at the door was opening it slowly. I jump up and said, who is it? no answer. So i went to the door no one was there and there was no wind , breeze outside it was calm. And my door is made out metal and shuts good.After i shut door locked it.I sit back down watch my movie when my radio come on by it's self. I reached unplug the cord to the radio. and i figure my mind playing tricks on me theres logic reason radio come on maybe alarm was set and maybe door wasn't close all away, is what i was hoping. Than i heard a big popping sound like a balloon popping . i looked around Nothing ,,,, i layed back on couch hoping movie put me asleep i fell sleep on the couch when i was woke up to blanket flying off me to the floor. I know i WASN'T dreaming that i saw it do that. That happen 2 weeks ago since then things happening . I can't explain except. also my mother called me , telling me come up her house she been having experinces after mine own had stopped here at home, that she saw white figure floating by her car outside while she was looking into security t.v camera recorder. she was scared thats not like her. she lives 15 mile away from me. Since i went up to her house and looked and saw the white floating thing on her moniter. and come home just day after, This thing happen with door opening up i was telling you all about... my question is can ghosts travel from house and back to mine? the night it storm bad is night my mom was spooked about figure we both saw it wasn't lightening it was a huge cloud figure standing long time beside her car then went up to sky dissapear., now i'm expernceing strange things again. could it be dead family member? something went from her house to mine? or from my house to hers and come back ?or what? anyways its creepy. any one have ideal, i love know on here please. i swear i am not crazy. just spooked out.